Friday, April 23, 2010

A Year in the Making - Rogan's Baby Quilt

Well, it's done!  A labor of love for the sweetest little grandson! Benjamin Bunny is happily at the edge of the meadow, holding his carrot and waiting to be loved.

Rogan's Quilt

When I started the quilt, it didn't seem that it should take so long . . . but it has. My hands just don't tolerate much squeezing, pushing and pulling anymore. If I hadn’t decided to do a lot of embroidery, it would have been fine, but that’s how I “tied” the quilt and created the detail at the same time. I’m so glad I was able to finish it. It was sort of one of those things that took on a life of its own after I started planning it.

I knew the theme was going to be Beatrix Potter rabbits and such.  So my creative juices began thinking up all kinds of fun things I could do. My mom had made such beautiful bunnies and bears. She had a gift for creating her animals -- designed her own patterns, and worried them into being.  I have a lot of her fur cloth left, and thought how fun it would be to do something for Rogan like that. But I knew I never could. I watched in awe as she made her fur cloth come to life. What could I do with some of it to make Rogan something fun and memorable?
Ahhh -- a quilt. A quilt with a furry appliquéd rabbit. Fun!
Ahh - a scene around the rabbit. Of course that wouldn’t be too hard . . . .
What I envisioned was a quilt based on the theme. Benjamin Bunny in the midst of a forest path, at the edge of the meadow, with his onions and radishes, looking towards a basket into which I could put stuffed fabric  onions and carrots, etc. The process of designing the quilt and searching for the fabric to duplicate the mood I wanted was great fun. I had a blast finding bargain fabric that fit the scene and a wonderful time putting it all together.

Closeup of the center

The slow part . . .
 Ahh -- I think I’ll use the thickest batting I can find to make it nice and fluffy and comfy.  Oops . . .
That’s what slowed the whole process down. I couldn’t get my hand around the thick batting and bunch it up to do the fine embroidery nor did I have the strength to double the needle back through to make the tiny stitches.

Best laid plans - So I prayed my way through it. And finally, after a year, I have finished what was supposed to be a shower gift. I had the piecing/appliqué done for the shower, but not the rest. Finished it just a few short weeks before the year anniversary of the baby shower.

But it’s DONE!!

Benjamin Bunny

The wall and the gate - closeup

Closeup of the moth and one of the bees

 The four corners

Closeup of the basket

Removable carrot and onion.
Fun to put in the basket and take it back out again.

Happy Dreams Little Boy


  1. Manon, I got positively teary looking at the loving detail in the quilt and remembering your mom's bears that she blessed the church with. You are an amazing talent! That you designed and executed this beautiful leaves me speachless. I know you glorify God with your talents. What a treasure for your grandson!

  2. That is beautiful... you are so talented!!Your talent flows to so many areas. You are defentitly a role model to many of us. Again, that is beautiful. Your grandson will treasure it for sure.

  3. The blanket is awesome!!! Great pictures too...but the blanket is even cooler in person. I know it will always be special to R. lol I'm not done with the blanket that I started for you're keeping up better then me!

  4. Wow, that is gorgeous! I'm very impressed! Handmade gifts are so special, especially when they come from a grandma!! Wonderful job!

  5. that turned out so beautiful! You did a wonderful job personalizing it and it's now a work of art for Rogan!

  6. Manon, this quilt is awesome!!! Now how are you going to keep up this standard when Cynthia has 10 more children??? - Love ya - Becky

  7. Amazing quilt! I could never, nor would I ever attempt, to do something like that in a million years. Good luck with the next ten quilts :) :)

  8. Thank you all. But I really did pray my way through it, and I do wish to glorify God in all I do. God has truly blessed me in so many ways, not the least of which is that I have a loving family (both natural and in Christ). The quilt was a lot of fun. And Rogan is such a joy it was an encouragement to finish it!

    Yes, well, I have already warned Cynthia that she should prepare herself and any future children, to expect something like a . . . miniature doll blanket or a potholder . . . or something. Her job is to explain to them how very special their tiny little snugglie is, and that Grandma shot her wad, so to speak, with the first one.

    No, really . . . I should start on something now so that in a few years I won't have to panic. :) Actually, I have an idea already . . .

  9. Manon this is so precious! The fact that it is handmade is so great but the fact that you designed it is so loving and special. I can surely understand why you made it your own creation. I just shows the love you have for your grandson. Besides the fact that it shows your talent at sewing, it shows your gift of creating something totally unique. It came from your heart, as well as your mind. It's value is beyond measure! I know that Jesse and Cynthia value it greatly but I know that Rogan will prize it so much when he is old enough to understand things of the heart and will appreciate it all the more because of that. Great job!!!