Thursday, February 25, 2010

I No Longer Remember How to Make Coffee ;)

I’ve suddenly forgotten how to make coffee ;)

Dan’s back from Mexico. Yay!  So yes, I officially no longer remember how to make coffee.

It’s a convenient memory problem. That way, we can be assured that the coffee will always be superb  . . . and strong.  You see, Dan has always made the coffee & he’s very good at it.  I’ve tried in the past to equal his coffee making expertise (I haven’t tried too hard) but alas, I’ve failed.  Mostly, I think it’s my “scrimp and save” nature and I try to make it go a little further than it should. Too much water, not enough coffee.  Dan’s coffee, on the other hand, can stand alone.

We started making coffee years ago by grinding our own beans and using a Melita drip funnel. It’s not a machine; it’s just a 6 cup funnel which you hold by hand while you pour hot water through it. It avoids having the coffee maker on the counter taking up space, and it makes superior coffee.

He’s tried to teach me to do it right ;) and in his absence I limp along and try my best . . . but he has his method down to a fine art and I’d hate for him to get too out of practice. 

Now that he’s back, I just can’t remember . . .
“Honey, is that one or two scoops?  Oh yes, 5!  Well dear, maybe you should just go ahead and make it, and then it will be just PERFECT!"   ;)


  1. Better to have the coffee guru do it anyway, then he will have the perfect cup too right??

  2. Dan does make the best coffee! I was impressed :)

  3. It's true. Dan has it down to perfection.